Our aquaculture netting solutions are in use at fish hatcheries, fish farms, and research institutes across North America.

CNW manufactures dip nets to meet any specification and for any fish from fry to adult. Materials such as stainless steel and aluminum are available for frames and handles. We fabricate custom netting bags from lightweight small mesh up to heavyweight large mesh. These include small, large, vinyl bottom dip nets as well as bucket nets.

Custom built seines allow for peak performance in specific environments. Our heavy-duty seines are available in multiple mesh sizes, float spacing, lead line, or lead weight options. Christensen Net Works manufactures heavy duty seines, traps, kick seines, and beach seines.

Since 1984, we have designed and produced thousands of custom net pens for hatchery operations, fish farms, and ocean farming operations. Our team can work with your ideas as well as our combined experience to design a pen to fit your needs. Some of our builds include floating pens, pens designed to suspend from existing frame structures, and pens with integrated predation netting.

We work closely with organizations such as USGS, NOAA, and Fish and Wildllife on Federal, State, and local levels to design and build research nets such as fyke nets, trapping seines, funnel nets, trawl nets, and trap nets.